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Jiayu Flash Manual

If you are Flashing from KK 4.4 to LL 5.1.1or MM 6.0.1, you have to start from #1. If you have already LL with a custom recovery like TWRP installed and want to flash to MM Start with #8

1. USB Debugging enable:
– Settings -> Device Information -> tab on „Build-Number“ 7 times (after that the developer options are enabled in which we find the option to enable USB Debugging)
– Settings – > Developer Options -> USB Debugging (must be enabled)

2. Driver Installation on your Computer (Win7-Win10):
– Download the Driver Package from here
– Extract the ZIP file
– open the Windows Device Manager
– Connect your Phone to the PC and Install the driver you extracted onto the Unknown Device.
– Disconnect the Phone from the PC, turn it off (power off) and connect it again to the PC. Another Unknown Device is shown. Also Install the driver for this Device like you did before.

Now everything is ready to flash. Make sure your data backup is done. And it’s also better to backup your NVRAM (the place where your MAC adress, IMEI and SN are stored). You can find a tutorial here.
I didn’t do a backup of NVRAM and destroyer my data. It was a lot of luck and flashwork until i recovered it.

3. Download
Firmware Jiayu.de RC5 LL.5.1.1
Firmware Team M.A.D MM.6.0.1
Open Gapps Nano

4. Extract SPFlashtool and LL.5.1.1 on your PC
(MM.6.0.1 and Gapps has to be installed in another way and may not be extracted. We come back to that in #8.)

5. Navigate into the extracted SPFlashtool directory and start the .exe as Administrator (Shift+right Mousebutton on the .exe file -> start as Administrator)

6. Click on the button „Scatter loading File“ and navigate into the extracted LL.5.1.1 directory and select the scatter file.
Now every field in the mainview of the SPFlashtool should be filled.

7. The dropdown menue at the „Download“ Button hast to be set to „Firmware Upgrade“ option.
If this is done click on Download, turn off your phone and then connect it to the pc. (Don’t connect the phone to the pc before clicking on „Download“. In that case the flashing will not start.)

Now the lower statusbar should first change to red and then to green and the flashroutine is working.
After the installation a popup with a green hook is shown in the middle of the SPFlashtool.
Nie you can disconnect your phone from the pc and start it.

8. Preparing for the installation of MM 6.0.1:
– Copy the downloaded aicp11 and gapps files on your external SD.

9. Enable the advanced reboot menue:
– Settings -> Device Information -> tap 7 times on “ Build-Number“ to enable the Developer Options
– Settings -> Developer Options -> Advanced Reboot Menu (must be enabled)

10. Hold the power button until the reboot menue opens. Tab on restart and then recovery.

11. Wipe caches:
Tab on Wipe -> Advanced wipe and select dalvic, sytem, cache and data then swipe the button from left to right to confirm the action.
After that use the back button (!!!DON’T REBOOT!!! If you did restart from #5 😉 ).

12. Installation of MM.6.0.1 and Google apps (Gapps):
– Tab on Install and Navigate to your external SD to select the aicp11*.zip file. Then tab on the + or on „Add more Files“ and navigate to the gapps*.zip file and select it.
After that you can swipe the Button from left to right to start the installation.
If this is done, you can see a button named „Wipe“. Tab on it and swipe the button.(Its not the Advanced Wipe from the begining).

Now its done.
Reboot your Phone and enjoy the fabulous work of Team M.A.D